Metanogenia is a spin-off from the University of Extremadura (Spain) which was founded in 2013 with the aim of commercializing the DTERMA research group´s results of research in relation to the decontamination of agro-industrial waste and obtaining biogas for self-consumption.

Being a technology-based company, we have always tried to give a special role to the research, which we consider an essential pillar for the positioning and differentiation with the offer that exists in the market.

Since 2015 we have been trained to develop detailed projects of industrial biogas plants, designed to treat waste as produced by the industry in order to provide a customized solution for each customer.

One of the competitive advantage of Metanogenia is the implementation of pretreatments and the anaerobic reaction improvements developed in the laboratory and on a pilot scale that allow to improved biogas yield for a specific waste. Another advantage is the reduction of the turnkey plant´s price if it is compared to the existing offer in Spain.

These two advantages allow the development of more profitable and sustainable projects that guarantee the environmental and economic feasibility of agri-food industry. Solving their problems regarding the management of their waste and the costs associated with electric and/or thermal energy.

Problem and solution

Agri-food industry generates large quantities of highly polluting organic waste, whose management is expensive. These costs are expected to be increased. Environmental legislation is increasingly restrictive and the future of these companies will be determined by their compliance.

Moreover agri-food industries are great consumers of energy, being unquestionable the increase of the fossil fuels´ price and their environmental impediments. For these reasons agri-food industry should ensure its energy self-sufficiency.

Wet agro-industrial waste has the physic-chemical characteristics required to be treated by anaerobic digestion (AD), (high organic matter and moisture content). This technology allows properly manage of these waste as well as energy recovery. Therefore agri-food industries can solve the disposal problem of their waste and reduce the cost of their energy bill.